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Investment Features

Returns offered

The nominal returns offered (‘Distribution rates’) depend on the particular Sub-Fund (and therefore particular mortgage) invested in. These are disclosed in the relevant SPDS.

We anticipate that average Return will be 7.50% (net of fees and expenses) and will be paid monthly/quarterly to Investors.

It is important for the investor to know that often the higher the rate of return, the higher the risk and such risk/s will be fully disclosed in each SPDS.

Minimum investment

$25,000 is the minimum investment. Investments should be in increments of $5,000.

Investment term

The term of an investment in a Sub-Fund is disclosed in the SPDS. Most loans are contracted for terms of 12 to 36 months. However, the duration of the loan can be much shorter than the specified term (if the Borrower discharges the loan early) or much longer (if the Borrower defaults by failing to repay on time) than the term disclosed in the SPDS.


Under a specific authority there is no cooling off period.

Under a general authority there is a 14 day cooling off period.

Withdrawal from the Fund

Unitholders have no right to be refunded their investment in a Sub-Fund. Once money has been allocated to a Sub-Fund, Unitholders are committed to the Mortgage Investment until it is repaid. The investment will last as long as it takes to recover the investment from the Borrower and/or by other means of enforcement, such as against the Underlying Security.


In making the decision to invest in a Sub-Fund you should not rely on any information given to you unless it is:

  1. contained, or referred to, in latest PDS; and / or,
  2. contained in a SPDS.

For your protection you should disregard any representations relating to the Fund, or a Sub-Fund, which are given to you over the telephone, by email, by letter, or otherwise, by officers or employees of Finexim, by brokers, by financial advisers, or by anyone else, unless confirmed in one of the above.

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